March 29th 2021
Forecasting-Covid is launching soon
We're preparing a new COVID nowcasting/forecasting webpage based on the work of the incredibly talented Youyang Gu and his now-closed website There are currently many websites attempting to project the data of the ongoing pandemic but none that attempt to go beyond the raw numbers and attempt to identify the true number of infections. This website will attempt to fill this gap.
Planned features
This is the current plan for Forecasting-Covid. If you have other features that you'd like to see (and that are realistic to implement for a small team of people), let us know.
COVID nowcasting
Using the latest case counts and positivity rates to attempt to calculate the true number of people infected with COVID at a given time
Federal government data visualization
The CDC and other government organization have a lot of interesting COVID data but sometimes the visualizations are not convenient enough. We'll attempt to parse them and improve the visualizations.
Vaccine projections
Analyzing vaccine data to showcase the path to herd immunity
Have useful ideas or want to help us out?
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